Door Safe Automatic and Assisted Door Systems

Door safe designed and installed Automated Door & Assisted Access Control Systems - contact us now for a free survey 01753 696630.

Accredited Door Safe by the ADIA (The Automatic Door Installation Association)

Universal Security are a Door Safe accredited installer of assisted and automated doors. We provide a specialised service to BS/EN16005:2010 which includes expert free surveys, automatic door installation, service and maintenance. We offer maintenance for all of our systems and will also take on and maintain automated door systems installed by others for both swing and sliding doors. We maintain as part of this service a 24 hour, 365 days a year call out service complete with a 4 hour emergency call out.

Access control is not only about restricting access, but importantly for assisting access as well.  Universal Security Systems automated doors can be both fully automatic or power assisted. Automatic doors and power assisted doors are popular solutions for compliance with the UK Equality Act 2010. We work closely with occupational therapists and specialist housing / homes / institutions, as well as housing associations. Door automation can make access easy for all and studies have shown that retail units with automatic doors attract more footfall.

Pros of having Universal Automatic/Assisted Doors

  • Expert free survey
  • Door installation and maintenance to BS/EN16005: 2010
  • Assisted access for all
  • Ideal for people with disabilities and people who need assisted access doors
  • Retail units benefit from a proven footfall increase