Monitored CCTV

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Universal Security Systems offer the very best in CCTV and observation systems for commercial and domestic properties. We provide a specialised service which includes expert free surveys, CCTV installation and maintenance. We offer maintenance for all of our CCTV sytems and will also take on and maintain CCTV / alarm systems installed by others. We offer as a part of this service a 24 hour, 365 days a year call out service complete with a 4 hour emergency call out.

If an alarm is raised from an associated alarm system or detector, images from the CCTV camera system can be transmitted to our Remote Video Response Centre 24hrs a day. Licensed CCTV controllers are then able to action appropriately on the video footage they have received, it is also possible via an intercom link to address intruders, and instruct paid licensed key holding / manguarding service to / on the site. Our Remote Video Response Centre is accredited NSI and the operators SIA licensed.

Pros of Monitored CCTV

  • Free expert surveys
  • Bi-annual or annual maintenance
  • Excellent crime deterrent
  • monitored systems ensure fast action is taken by CCTV controllers
  • No hassle to home/business owner
  • Intercom to address intruders/instruct key holders