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WebwayOneWebWayOne will be making announcements at IFSEC 2014 in all product areas. Whilst unable to reveal all the detail of the solutions prior to the event WebWay has indicated that new signalling hardware will be on show. They say to expect significant changes to the hardware footprint and all round performance.

 WebWay’s on line portal for installers, WebWay World, will also have a major makeover. Whilst all the functionality will be revealed at IFSEC the solution is said to operate on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. Benefits are said to include a new experience for installers with ordering, configuration and management of devices all supported within the mobile platform.

“We’ve taken a bold new approach to the total system design and we believe that this is the future of signalling whether you’re using PSTN, IP, GPRS or any other networking technology. For us it’s less about the communications you use, more about how you get the job done and manage the solution ongoing. For that we’ve turned our attention to delivering all the control to the installer using smart phones and tablets to operate their monitored connections better.” said Chris Carter Brennan, Managing Director.

IFSEC Stand G1430