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Responsible Locking




Apr 29, 2016


The world’s consumer’s manufacturers and builders are ever more concerned with the impact of they are having on the world and its resources. We in the world of security and locks are very much to. As specialists in locks Universal Group were all too aware of the waste involved with lock changes when keys were lost, stolen, or just plain never returned.

For the sake of security in these situations most get their locks changed front, sides and rear. But what happens with the old locks? They get chucked in the bin. Perfectly good, waste. We at Universal thought there must be a way of avoiding this and went looking for a solution.

We found one in the Rielda lock product. The Rielda lock product is reprogrammable. So instead of changing the locks and throwing them away. Now, because you can change the key (combination) its only the old keys that get thrown away. Not perfect in terms of waste but 3 or so keys in the bin is certainly better that all the door locks front back and sides ending up in the bin.

Now we don’t claim that this product is a green revolution in locking, it was designed to save money and time for scenarios where high staff turnover led to regular lock changes being required. However, it is the nearest we have found with a long term potential to cut material waste in regards of a properties locks.

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