We supply, deliver, install, repair and maintain a range of free standing and under floor safes from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our comprehensive range of safes provide a choice of features and locking options and includes insurance recognised Euro Grade Safes. Universal Lock and safe also provide a locksmith, safe opening service for most types of safes.

Also included in this portfolio are: Key Safes, Electrical Safes, MOT Safes, Laptop Safes, Floorboard Safes, Underfloor Safes, Portable Safes, Deposit Safes, Fire & Data Safes / Cabinets, Counter Safes / Caches, Till Safes, Deed and Cash Boxes.

Our range of safes is extensive, from general household safes to keep valuables out of sight and secure, to our top of the range safes most suitable for businesses and large sums of money/valuables. We will provide the safe that's right for you.